Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fresh Vegetables are Back!

Lots of fresh vegetables were on sale this week. We are off to a dinner party tonight, and I am assigned the snack. So here is what I did: After purchasing broccoli crowns and baby carrots at Market Street, asparagus and grape tomatoes at Albertsons, and BOGO sour cream at Albertson's, I assembled the "snack". First I trimmed and steamed the broccoli crowns and asparagus to bring up that deep green color, plunging each item into an ice bath to stop the cooking. The dip is a combination of sour cream and Pace Picante sauce (every good Texas girl has Pace stashed in the pantry!) - just stir some together until it looks right. This is called Pink Dip or Q-Sauce. Everything was good and chilled, put in bowls for staging, and voila! a healthy snack. I am thinking that children arriving home from school would enjoy all the bright colors presented by this appealing treat! Total cost: $5.20 for 6 people

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