Monday, February 23, 2009

Meats and a favorite kitchen gadget

The other day while having breakfast with my daughter and her friend Kim, we began discussing the various ways meat can be purchased: organic, natural, and the "regular" way. This was my green light to do some research! I visited with Randy, the butcher at Market Street, for a bit and learned this: Organic means that the animals were grazed on land that has not been treated with pesticides for 7 years. Most farmers, according to Randy, are now doing that anyway. Natural means that the animals have not been injected with hormones or antibiotics. "Regular" is what a lot of us grew up on. Now daughter's friend Kim feels that eating Natural is the way to go. She thinks that she and her husband feel better and look better. Since I did not know her before. . .she is very pretty now!

So here is the rest of my talk with Randy: all of the chicken at Market street is natural. The chicken I purchased at Albertson's for 49 cents a pound (WooHoo) is natural. The roast shown above is natural. It is also $5 a pound!

The kitchen gadget is a Food Saver. It vacuum seals food items. Today I divided up the chicken because there is no point in my cooking 10 pounds, and sealed it up for the freezer. Above are the before and after shots. The Food Saver can be found at Sam's Wholesale Club, WalMart, Kohl's and probably a lot more placed. It is easy to clean - remember to wipe it down after use, especially with meats, with an anti-bacterial cleaner. Food vacuum sealed takes up less room in the freezer. I love my Food Saver!

If anyone reading this has more information on meats, organic vs. natural, please comment.

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