Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week of April 15

It has been a while since I posted - mainly because of the new grandbaby and wanting to spend as much time with him as possible. Looking over the ads today, a couple of things caught my eye, so here is recipe #1 for this week. Even though the title implies that it is for the fall season, this is good anytime and it is still cool enough outside to enjoy. Here is what you will need:

14 to 16 ounce package Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage - $2.50 at Kroger
1 can corn, 1 can green beans, 1 can carrots - 50 cents each at Market Street
1 can Diced tomatoes - Hunts are 75 cents at Market Street
1 chopped onion - 33 cents a pound at Market Street
1 yellow squash or zuchinni squash, 88 cents a pound at Sprouts

Saute the onion in a little olive oil in a skillet. Cut the sausage into 1 inch lengths and add that, together with the other vegetables to the pan. Cook on low for about 30 minutes, until the vegetables are soft. Serve with cornbread. This is very very good! I'll try and add a picture after I cook this week.

Other ideas to come this week:

Is it too late in the season for soup? I don't think so. Bone in chicken breasts are on sale at Albertson's for 88 cents a pound (family pack). For the recipe you will also need onion, canned tomatoes, canned or frozen corn, diced green chilies, chicken broth (maybe we will make our own) and the seasonings like chili powder and cumin that you already have on hand. That recipe will be up tomorrow (Thursday). Have a great evening.

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  1. I love smoked sausage. I'm glad to have a recipe for it other than just grilled.