Saturday, March 21, 2009

Green Beans

I am not ignoring my blog. We had a grandbaby arrive last week and the new grandmother, that is me, has been a little busy. I am at my DD's house trying to feed her and help her get her strength and energy back. Today I ran to Sprouts (near her house) and picked up some fresh green beans for a side for supper. I snapped them and set them to simmer until tender with garlic powder sprinkled on top. Then I drained them, added a little unsalted butter and a tablespoon of brown sugar and let them sit off the heat. They were great. We are not using a lot of salt right now trying to help her get unswollen from all that baby stuff. More later. . .don't give up on me!

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  1. Hi Linda! Thanks for your kind comments. It's always nice to know I don't only write for myself. :) I matched at UAB (Univ of Alabama in Birmingham) for their internal medicine program. I am so thrilled bc it's my #1 choice and I was shocked I got it! I am super excited and that always motivates me to work harder. So anyways, thanks again for reading and commenting on my blog! And Congrats on your grandbaby!