Thursday, March 12, 2009

Week of March 11

Who would have expected this cool weather? Not I! Good thing we planned the chili cook-off at work on a day with 40 or so degree weather!

Good food buys this week include:

Bottom Round Roast at Tom Thumb - $1.99 a pound
Boneless Arm Roast at Market Street - BOGO
Look for an recipe for a great cool weather crock pot roast

Boneless skinless chicken at Albertsons: $2.49 a pound
Same at Kroger for $2.99 a pound
The recipe for Poppy Seed Chicken is already posted.
I am thinking that some baked chicken with pasta primavera (pasta with vegetables) is going to be on the menu this week.

Roma Tomatoes: 69 cents a pound at Sprouts, $1.48 a pound at Tom Thumb. Look for a Tomato Torte recipe that is great with soup. You will need crescent rolls, onions and garlic, mozzerella cheese, mushrooms (2 pkg. for $6 at Kroger) and basil. Wouldn't this be a good soup week?

Kroger also has onions on sale, 99 cents for 2 pounds. I am thinking of buying several, chopping and freezing to have them readily on hand.

Albertsons also has jumbo lemons on sale, 10 lbs. for $10. I made lemon bars for the chili cook-off because it will be a nice contrast for the hot and spicy chili. Just in case you can't find grandma's recipe, I will post that this week.

Have you tried baking sweet potatoes? They are 10 lbs. for $10 at Albertsons. Bake like you would a regular potato - they do cook a little faster. Serve with butter and a little brown sugar. I really like these as a side to pork.

Speaking of pork, there is lots on sale. My friend Lisa is doing pulled pork sandwiches this weekend. That recipe I gotta have!

Fruits and vegetables: Not a huge variety, but the zucchini at Tom Thumb, onions already mentioned, organic carrots at Market Street, broccoli crowns at Sprouts all sound like they will be good individually or in a pasta sauce.

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